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Event Details

OESD Virtual Embroidery Event

When: Sep 4, 2020
1:00 pm
We have partnered with OESD to present a Virtual Embroidery Event from the comfort of your very own couch cushions!

At a Virtual Embroidery Event, you'll join us to watch a national OESD educator present to our shop! In this 90-minute event, we will learn all about proper embroidery stabilizing and how to get the best result from popular embroidery techniques! Plus, you will receive a 30% off discount, have access to event-only products/bundles, and support The Little Shop during this unprecedented time!

Best part of all -- it's FREE to attend!!

Second best part of all -- if you can't make it at 1pm on Friday, September 4, you can still participate! You will get an email from OESD with a link to the presentation, and have 24 hours to catch up!

CLICK HERE to get registered!